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Hello & Welcome to My Author Website!!!

I am thrilled that you came to visit today! This website contains information about my writing endeavors, both academic and creative. I invite you to browse the various pages to get to know more about me and my written work. My author brand is “Evidence that Enkindles Joyful Living.”

I write academic textbooks, fiction for children, and poetry for children and adults. I have three textbooks published, Early Childhood Education: Becoming a Professional, Careers in Child and Adolescent Development, and Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum and Instruction. Two of my textbooks are co-authored, one is co-edited.

In terms of fiction for children, I have three picture books that are indie‐published. The small publisher closed in December of 2021.

I hope to publish more works of fiction for young children in the future. My poetry is yet to be published. I am still perfecting my craft and searching for the proper venue. Perhaps, I will share some here on my website.

Thanks again for stopping by my website! I hope you enjoy what is shared here and that you stop by again and again and again for updates and refreshers. Please feel free to browse my other pages and contact me for any other communication.